I have listed below pages and/or posts on the various Conner Family members in my line and other research I have:

Conner Research on Births, Deaths and Marriages

Early Census: Conner Families in North Carolina


4 thoughts on “Conner

  1. Hello, I am also researching a Conner family from North Carolina. I have been able to definitively trace my family back to William Conner (b. abt. 1810) and his wife Mary, who lived in Beaver Creek, Jones County, NC. According to later census records, they were both born in NC. The family is listed as “mulatto” and, according to my research, there is a very good possibility that they were part Tuscarora Indian. I am trying to find out who William’s parents were but records from the early 1800s are scarce for people who were not affluent. This family has been extremely elusive because of the lack of a paper and because of the name changes. When they moved out of Jones County around 1890 or so, some of them changed the name to Carney. Later, some also changed their name to Corney and even Korney. If you have an Eastern NC connection with your Conner family, perhaps there is a connection.

    1. Amy, sorry for the delay in response. Have not been on the site for a long time. I do not recognize any of the surnames from Jones County. I can confirm my line back to 1850 and you are correct the Conner family is extremely elusive. If I come across anything will let you know. Good Luck!

    2. I have not been able to connect to Eastern NC Conner family. We will keep digging and maybe something will surface! Good Luck, Jane

    3. I am also related to this Conner family through John Conner, my 3x great grandfather. He was born in 1802 in Jones County, NC and died in 1865 in Ottawa County, Ohio. His father was John D. Conner born in NC in 1750, date of death uncertain. His grandfather was Mark Conner, born 1722 and died in 1795. I have a picture of John Conner and his two daughters Penny and Alcey. Family tradition holds that John Conner’s wife was of Native American origin.

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