MtnLilac Photography

Temporarily Disabled.

I love photography, which has been a hobby since I was in my teens. By profession, I am a registered nurse. From the hills of the Carolinas, I travel everywhere with my camera and take more pictures than I know what to do with.
Photography is a passion, but I know nothing about touch-up or “photo-shopping” the photographs. The photographs that I post here are “natural”, untouched results of my camera toting passion.

The photography make great wedding, anniversary, retirement, birthday, and graduation presents. You just pick out the type of item(s), they make and ship it to you!

I post them to possibly make a little money to help our family finances… just little family things like…..two wedding in 8 months, a daughter in college and now being a grandmother! Most of all I love being a child of King Jesus; a wife, a mother of 5 and grandmother to One beautiful granddaughter!

Please pass along to your family, friend and anyone that you think would enjoy taking a look! I always love positive feedback and comments.
Thanks for taking a look  and visiting my blog.




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