Skipper Clan Photo

In the late 1990s, I sought out my Aunts Katherine, Beatrice and my Uncle Eugene to help with identifying some of the pictures that were in my mother’s belongings. One picture in particular caught our attention and we began a journey to identify as many people in the picture as possible. It took us about 8 months to locate and talk with several different people.

Apart from identifying the people in the picture, the most memorable experience was meeting the precious people who helped identify the people. Sitting and listening to the stories of their lives was ageless.  Below is the initial article that I wrote for the picture above.

First I would like to thank Katherine Davis Noblitt, Ruth Thompson, Dorothy Skipper Stephens and Ray Skipper for their valuable knowledge and time in identifying the people in this picture. Without their priceless endeavor the faces, place and time of this picture would be lost forever. Thank-You! During the middle 1990s, Aunt Katherine helped me to meet up with Ruth, Dorothy and Ray to identify the people in this picture.

Where was the picture taken?  The picture was taken at the homeplace of Addie Conner Skipper, daughter of Joseph Washington Conner and Cynthia Flynn Conner. Addie married Minter Skipper. The home place was located on County Line Road off of Rock Springs Church Road in Rutherford County, NC.

Who took the picture?     No one is sure who took the picture

Who is not in the picture? Trying to determine who was standing behind the camera, Katherine Davis Noblitt, Ray Skipper and Ruth Thompson all agree that Lawrence Davis, Garvin Skipper and Cornelius Skipper are not in the picture. As Cornelius Skipper disappeared in the last few years of the 1930s (1938 or 1939), he would not be present. Depending upon the ages of Lawrence and Garvin, plus their military service records, there is still a question of who was present to take the picture.

What was the date and occasion of the picture?  No one has been able to place the actual date of the picture. Three people have been valuable in narrowing the date to 1941 or 1942.

First, Ray Skipper identified the baby standing at Bernice’s knee as Joyce Skipper. Guessing that the age of the baby is about one year and knowing Joyce’s birthday is in July 1941, he placed the picture being taken the summer of 1942.

Secondly, Ruth Thompson states that she remembers the picture being taken “shortly after” she married Curtis Thompson, son of Charlie Thompson and Dovey Skipper. She was married in 1940.

Thirdly, Dorothy Skipper Stephens expressed that she was about 10 years old when the picture was taken, which again places the picture between 1941-1942.

Birth Dates of the Skipper Family:  Thomas Minter Skipper         born June 20, 1864 – March 27, 1904; married Addie Conner (9/20/1870 – 7/26/1957)

Ten children were born to Minter and Addie:

Lilly (eldest and died at the age of eight)
Dovey 8/9/1888
Furman 9/3/1890
Ferd Garnell 1/1/1893
Thurl 12/17/1894
Ina Beatrice 9/6/1896
Garner 4/8/1898
Garvin 2/18/1900
Virgil 12/28/1901
Minter Cornelius 2/2/1904

Who’s Who of the Skipper Clan?  Women’s maiden names, if known, have been used.

Starting on the back row, standing left to right:

Nina Skipper (wife of Furman Skipper)

Furman Skipper (son of Addie and Minter Skipper)

Ferd Garnell Skipper (son of Addie and Minter Skipper)

Major Conner (with moustache; brother of Addie Conner Skipper)

Eugene Davis (grandson of Addie and Minter Skipper; son of Ina Skipper)

Roy Conner (son of Major Conner)

Katherine Davis Noblitt (daughter of Ina Skipper Davis)

Johnson Davis (husband of Ina Skipper)

Adelina Skipper (daughter of Garner Skipper)

Garner Skipper (son of Addie and Minter Skipper)

Virgil Skipper (son of Addie and Minter Skipper)

Alice Skipper (wife of Virgil Skipper)

Thurl Skipper (son of Addie and Minter Skipper)

Lily Skipper (wife of Thurl Skipper)

Dovey Skipper (daughter of Addie and Minter Skipper)

Ina Skipper (daughter of Addie and Minter Skipper)

Lela Thompson (daughter of Dovey Skipper)

Dorothy Skipper (in front of Lela; daughter of Ferd Skipper)

L.C. Davis (husband of Lela Thompson)

Nettie Thompson (sister of Lela Thompson)

Iona “Onee” Thompson (daughter of Dovey Skipper)

Annabelle Thompson (daughter of Dovey Skipper)

Curtis Thompson (son of Dovey Skipper)

Ruth Thompson (wife of Curtis Thompson)

Lusco Skipper (wife of Ferd Skipper)


First Row, kneeling, left to right:

Hester Skipper (daughter of Ferd Skipper)

Mary Sue Skipper (daughter of Garner Skipper)

Mildred Skipper (daughter of Garner Skipper)

Norman Skipper (son of Furman Skipper)

Ray Skipper (son of Garner Skipper)

Arnold Skipper (little boy kneeling; son of Ferd Skipper)

William “Earl” Skipper (kneeling on one knee with left hand on knee; son of Thurl Skipper)

Malcolm Skipper (little boy standing to right of Addie Conner; son of Virgil Skipper)

Addie Conner Skipper (sitting; dark polka dot dress & hat; Matriarch of the Skipper Clan, wife of Minter Skipper; daughter of Joseph Washington Conner and Cynthia Flynn)

Joyce Skipper (baby standing at Bernice’s knee; daughter of Garner Skipper)

Bernice Skipper (wife of Garner Skipper)

Preston Skipper (son of Garner Skipper)

Beatrice Davis (daughter of Ina Skipper)

Anna Laura Skipper (daughter of Furman Skipper)

Dorothy Skipper (standing in middle row; daughter of Ferd Skipper)

Emma Lou Skipper (peeking around tree; daughter of Garner Skipper)

Novella Thompson (daughter of Dovey Skipper)

Juanita Skipper (daughter of Ferd Skipper)

Katherine Page (friend of Juanita Skipper)

Eunice Davis (daughter of Ina Skipper)

One thought on “Skipper Clan Photo

  1. Mary Ann Powell Kirby writes:Aunt Lusco was mother of Aunt Odessa who married Fred Powell my Father Buffard Powell’s older Brother. aunt Odessa Powell and my Mother Pantha Skipper Powell were first Cousins who married Brothers. Aunt Odessa and Uncle Fred had 3 daughters Ann, Merline and Janice who are still living. I always believed that we favored . My Grandfather Walter Powell was Chief of Police of Landrum and My Grandmother was China Powell from Landrum Grew and Propagated Roses and Hybiscus. She was a very talented Rug maker and made a dark Fruitcake filled with Rum and she was a Business Woman owning Land and a filling Station when she passed away! What wonderful Memories!

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