I’ll Stand…

Lately as I get up in the morning my mind wanders to the habits of my morning routine of getting out of bed. I have been comparing my routine to how my husband starts  his morning. Have you ever thought about how you get up in the morning? Have you ever lain in bed after you have awaken, allowing your mind to clear the fog of sleep? Does how you wake in the morning reflect how your day will progress? Is it true for you about which side of the bed you get up on? These questions have been echoing in my mind.

Reflecting on how I get up in the morning, I see traces of my childhood. Growing up in a two story house built in the late 1890s was an experience I cherish. Three rock chimneys meant 6 fireplaces – 2 per chimney & 3 fireplaces on each floor. Only one was a working fireplace – on the first floor, the one in the dining room, next to the kitchen. This one fireplace was, at times, our only source of heat for the house. This meant that the upstairs, where I slept, was unheated. I slept with blankets, bedspread and quilts (sometimes 2+ quilts) at a time to stay warm. The bedcovers were so heavy that I basically slept in the same spot all night – it was warm! The quilts that I grew up with were handmade, heavy and made it hard to move about in the bed.

Living in that type of environment, I quickly learned to lay my clothes within reach before going to bed at night. Then in the morning I could pull them under the covers, so they would warm up and I could get dressed in the warmth of my bed. Wake in the morning and seeing my breath in the bedroom, I knew it was cold.  After dressing, I would literally “slip” out of bed, not disturbing my bed, so that my bed was made up for the day and hurry downstairs to the warmth of the kitchen fireplace.

Even today I “slip” out of bed and hurry on my way. Thinking about how my husband welcomes the day triggers totally different thoughts about how habits affect your day. Doug “tosses” the bed covers half-way back across the middle of the bed, swings his feet to the floor, sitting on the side of the bed for a few moments to welcome the morning. He stands and goes about his morning routine – awakening fully to face the day.

Reflecting on these two examples of greeting the day, I wonder “Do I “slip” into the day hoping I can stay in the shadows…hoping not to be seen, avoiding an interaction with God till I need Him in an emergency? Yes, I do!

Most of the time, my first thought of God is when I have an emergency. God is right at my bedside – protecting me all night long; interceding for things that I don’t even know about and I slip past Him to hurry into my day. Maybe He has protected my children or other family members through the night as they work. I imagine Him reaching for me, wanting to tell me how much He loves me and to hear my thoughts for the morning – good and bad. As I hurry past Him, He sighs, follows along, yearning for a word or two from me.

Oh how I have ignored the Savior that I have professed to love, to want to know more about, yearn to have a relationship with and strive to live a life worthy of honoring Him. Starting my day with Him would be better, than trying to find Him as a last ditch effort in an emergency.

Waking up in the morning habits can change my relationship with Jesus and the world I will face that day…making that day count for Him or not! How would my day be if I started it by waking each morning, rubbing my eyes to clear the fog of sleep, then look around and thank Jesus for being there and protecting me and those that I love.

What if…….as I sit up, I raise my hands, He grabs them to help me up and I say….. “I’ll stand with arms high and heart abandon in awe of the one who gave it all; I’ll stand my soul, Lord to You surrender, all I am is Yours.”

Wow, what a difference that will make to my day, to surrender all I am to God. Daily Devotions may not be on my agenda (I’m just not that disciplined) on my work days. I forget, sleep late, in a hurry, helping family with things for their work/school day and I make poor decisions that lead to no time left for spending with God each morning.

However, I can, no matter what, choose to throw those covers back, grab His hands, stand and proclaim with “arms high and heart abandon”, that I am surrendering that day to Him. He and I can face whatever comes my way that day!

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