Long Time

It has been another “long time no see”, yet it doesn’t mean that the road of researching has been cool. I have been researching not only my Conner family, but the family of my husband – the Gouge family!

With the release of the 1930 & 1940 census, doors have burst open to confirm leads and  discover new leads. It was like opening presents on my birthday! What is it? Which one do I open next?

I have been able to confirm documentation that I have had for years.  Discover new leads such as place of residence, leading me to a new family member.

All the new discoveries created a new problem! How to organize it all?

I’ve been talking for years about doing a book on the Conner family. My only problem was, I just could not publish something that I could not confirm. Now with the publishing of the census, it has put be on the track to really work on the book and publish what I have collected over the years. From the work of Clifford Conner to hand written notes of my grandmother to draft cards to photos to wills to taped interviews of my great-aunt Odell.

What a journey it has been! I look forward to sharing the information.

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