Long Time No See

It has been a long time since I have blogged on the Conner family. I have not been working on any research lately and hopefully will be able to re-connect with the research journey soon.

I just recently compiled a 38-page notebook of mementos of my parents, especially my Dad’s time in the military. It was exciting to find their marriage certificate, Dad’s military service record, his medals and a 1943 Thanksgiving and Christmas menu for Company A, 59th Battalion Armored Division. 

The only problem with all this research is that it was my Dad’s side of the family – the Burgin family. There is a great work already on the Burgin family, all the way back to the 1600’s. Peggy Silver did an awesome job in her book…Echos in the Mist!

There does not seem to be extensive research on the Conner family of North Carolina. That is what keeps me digging.


One thought on “Long Time No See

  1. Jane,

    I am unsure the specifics of your quest, however, I thought I would let you know I come from the line of Conner’s in NC who found their way to Ohio. My great grandfather is Willie Ray Conner who was married to Dottie Curtis Murphy. If I can be of any help in your research from this perspective, please let me know….although I’m thinking you are going the other direction….back versus forward. In any event, l love that you are doing this….I am working on the Conner’s (my maternal side) through the ancestry.com site, as well as, my paternal side. In a Google search, I crossed paths with your blog. Thanks for sharing….I would love to get photos of Conner ancestors or their grave sites someday for documentation. Thanks for sharing!
    Best Regards,
    Tammy Snyder

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