Conner Websites and Blogs

Are you like me……..surfing the internet looking for information on your ancestors. Well, I was surfing, hitting upon a site and wonder if or even how they might connect to the Conner Family I’m searching.

Who knows the possibilities? Here are the sites that have caught my attention:

Scrapbook of Me: Conner page

Probable Usefulness

Pam’s Little Corner of the Great Black Swamp

Jake Fletcher’s Blog: Conner Family Research

Conner Genealogy on Facebook


2 thoughts on “Conner Websites and Blogs

  1. Hi! I am not sure we are researching the same “Conner” family history but I too have reached several dead ends. The farthest I have been able to trace my history of Conner’s in Georgia is Henry Conner in Warren, North Carolina, born 1774 and married Mary Ann Malcom from Virginia. Does this perhaps ring a bell with anything you have uncovered?
    Thank you, Claire

    1. So sorry it has taken so long to respond. Have been busy with my son’s Fall wedding, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I will take a look at the extended branches of my family. The names you mentioned do no ring a bell.

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