The Elusive Conner Family – Part I

Are you hitting brick wall after brick wall when researching the Conner Family? How about dead-end web searches? Non-responsive forum queries?  Well so have I, which is why I have started blogging about my Conner research.

You see, I’ve been researching the Conner family going on 25+ years and walked so many twisted paths and twirled in so many circles till I am dizzy. I have looked through so many documents that people have given me that did not have sources cited and could not be verified.

Cousin Clifford Conner shared his immense knowledge and collection with me. I am forever indebted to him for his generosity. It has been the most accurate and verifiable.

I’ve heard of good report that there is a Conner Family Bible in Rutherford County, NC, and the family is very protective of it. I understand wanting to protect a wonderful piece of Conner Family History. If you know them, please let them know that I would really appreciate the opportunity to see this great family history piece.

I have found several spellings of the Conner name – Conner, Connor, Coner, Conor, O’Conner, O’Connor. For the sake of clarity, I am using one spelling à Conner.

My interest in the Conner family was inspired by my mother, Eunice Faye Davis and her siblings – Lawrence, Eugene, Katherine and Beatrice. Even though I never knew Lawrence, it seems as if I did from the stories told me by my mother and her siblings. I have confirmed my family back four generations to Jackson Conner.  In the Bill’s Creek Township of Rutherford County, NC of the 1850 census in the household numbered 1462….  Jackson is the father of Joseph Washington Conner.

Joseph listed as a 7 year-old and Jackson Conner is listed as a 30 year-old, which would indicate that he was born about 1820.

This is where all the questions start…

  • Is Jackson in the 1850 census….Jackson Isaac? Jack?
  • Who is Jackson’s father?
  • Are the Rutherford County, NC Conner’s connected to the Conner’s who migrated to Ohio and Texas.
  • What year did the Conner’s migrate to America?
  • What ship brought them across the ocean?
  • Which dock did they step upon when arriving in America?
  • What brought them to America – religious freedom? Famine?
  • Were they transported across on convict ships?

I have reviewed my collection of documentation many times. Read and re-read, read it again, then over and over when a note hand written and lopsided on the page caught my eye.

Written on the page of Clifford Conner’s research was the following sentence, “Uncle Edgar Conner said that his father – Joseph Washington Conner – was a 1st cousin to my grandfather – Felix Crawford, whose mother was Martha (Patty) Conner” – said by General Dalton.

If this is true, that makes Jackson Conner and Martha “Patty” Conner siblings and William Albert Conner, Sr. their father.

Wow! Doesn’t that open up a whole new theory on where Jackson Conner (b. abt. 1820) is from and where the Conner family originated?

Part II: Jackson’s Father?

5 thoughts on “The Elusive Conner Family – Part I

  1. Jane, I liked the line, “The elusive Conner Family” Several folks I’ve connected with on line have been trying to find the parents or siblings of Henry Conner who was born in Warren County, NC in 1774 (can’t find documentation of this), my 3rd level great grandfather. There is ample documentation of his being in Wilkes County, GA and his marriage to Mary Ann Malcom in 1794 and his moved to Morgan County and thence Walton County, GA where he and his wife are buried. The downward line from pretty clear. I don’t think a 17 or 18 year old would have left NC on his own to come to GA. But who brought him? To complicate matters, YDNA results come back in the name of Garland. If Henry was adopted he was still given the Conner name and raised by a Conner. But who? Elusive ? Yes Ma’am!

      1. Thank you Jane. I believe that Henry’s apx birth year is correct because of the documented birth date of his wife. If this is true, then his birth location is wrong. Warren County, NC was not created until 1779, Did not exist in 1774.

    1. Replying two years after your reply…lol I heard from a cousin following a DNA connection that there was some discussion about Henry possibly being an Indian. I am in the process of joining DAR, having trouble finding a legal source of the marriage of Mary Ann Malcom to Henry.

      1. Courtney, Have you tried looking at Early Wilkes County History? There are 2 volumes and I think both can be accessed on line. I don’t have official documentation but got my information on the marriage from Jane Malcom McKinney’s book “Beginnings” about the history of the Malcom Family in Walton County, Ga.

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