Where To Begin

Where to begin with the Conner Family? For me I began with Lillian Adeline Conner, my great grandmother. She was the daughter of Joseph Washington Conner and Cynthia Carolina Flynn. I was named after Granny Cynt. I have a copy of the Widow’s Application for Pension and a copy of the “Report and Settlement of Estate of Cynthia Conner” filed 09/24/1938 in which all her children are named.
Joseph Washington Conner was born 15th of July 1845 in Bill’s Creek, Rutherford County, NC. He is listed in the home of Jackson Conner as a 7 year old in the 1850 census of Bill’s Creek. Jackson Conner was born about 1820 and married Adeline Thomson.

2 thoughts on “Where To Begin

  1. My great grandfather was a brother to your great grandmother I believe. He was John Alexander Conner born 5-9-1868 died 6-13-1936 and married to Lillie Burgess Conner b. 11-24-1874 d. 6-8-1956. He was a son of Joseph Washington Conner and Cynthia Flynn.

  2. Just started tracing my family tree a couple of weeks ago. Many thanks to my cousin, Shirley Conner Lattimore for giving me great information on my Grandfather Willie Conner's side of the family. Looks like Joseph Washington Conner is my Great Great Grandfather. Got a lot of information on my paternal grandparents. But not much for Dottie Murphy, Lillie Burgess, Cynthia Caroline Flynn, Adaline Thompson, or Elizabeth Dalton. Any help on these people would be greatly appreceiated. Looking forward to going back into the archives to see what I can find.

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