I’m Jane and I started this blog to publish tidbits of research on the Conner family of North Carolina. My hope is that others will read  the tidbits and match it with one of their tidbits to complete the puzzle of the Conner Family.

Where did they first migrate from into the North Carolina territory?
Which dock did they first step onto when immigrating to the Americas?
Is there a Conner Family Bible for the Conner Family of Rutherford, Lincoln and McDowell Counties of North Carolina?
Who else is researching the Conner Family?
I have found Conners who migrated to Indiana, Missouri and Texas….Are they connected? How?

So… you can tell that genealogy is a pass-time for me, especially the Conner Family.

I can’t wait to share some of the tidbits I have in my 6,000 name genealogy collection with the anticipation of finding out what tidbits are out there.

Give me a shout if you have interest in this family.

2 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Hi Jane!Welcome to the wonderful world of geneablogging!I noticed that you said you are trying to find other Connor researchers. I really like to use WikiTree ( to connect with other researchers. WikiTree is a free family tree building website that has privacy controls – so unlike other websites where everything is public or everything is private, you have the option of sharing a little and making the rest private. It makes it really easy to connect with other researchers and share information. I looked up the Connor profiles on WikiTree and there are currently 147 Connor profiles: Whether you decide to use WikiTree or not, check once in a while to see if maybe a Connor cousin is using WikiTree.Thanks,Elyse

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